Z  Batch Helper

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The Main Focus of ZBH:

The main focus of this program is to convert most video types to WMV for use on a Zune.

What ZBH Can Do:

Convert unecrypted DVD's and most video files into the WMV format. Join video files and convert them to WMV.

What's Under Development:

Possible Additions/Changes:

How ZBH Works:

ZBH is program to help people encode files easily and give them necessary options. ZBH is written with Autoit, which has many, many uses. I utilize Mencoder, Besweet, and WM Encoder 9 to do all the video conversion. If a user selects just a video file Mencoder is used. If a user selects a VOB file I use Mencoder for the video and Besweet for the audio. After the files have been encoded to a format WM Encoder can read I call WM Encoder to join the files and encode them to WMV. This also allows somewhat of a two pass encoding process, considering that WM Encoder does not allow two pass encoding on multiple files.

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